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What to do with stickers

One of our main product is our Stickers Collection. Stickers are a really trendy product to show your passion for paranormal… We highly recommend that you collect them, we will release new paranormal stickers all year long… Sometimes people ask us where they can use their stickers, so here are a few options :

  • On your laptop

  • On your computer monitor

  • On your phone case or tablet case

  • On your car (especially bumper)

  • On your mirror

  • On your room's door

  • On your diaries, agenda or day planner

  • On your windows

  • On your coffee mug

  • On your sports bottle

  • On your cooler

  • On your helmet

  • On your bike or motorcycle !

  • On your fridge or other appliance in the kitchen

  • On your locker

  • On your mailbox

  • On your picture frames

  • On your pencil box

  • On your skateboard

  • On your game console

  • On your TV/remote control

  • On your lamp base

  • On your music instrument and case

  • On your lunchbox

  • On your wheelchair or your cane !!!

  • On your luggage or transport case

  • On your speakers

  • On your trash can

  • On your secret paranormal folders !!! Where you hide the truth !!!

  • On your filing cabinet where you hide your paranormal folders…